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101 N Haven Street
Suite 301
Baltimore, MD 21224

Tel (301)775-3380
Fax (301)560-5500


Data collection

SONA Consulting has the capacity and experience to collect data through face to face and telephone interviews and mail and web assisted surveys. SONA is experienced in developing questionnaires for surveys or interview guides for in depth interviews or focus groups. We can develop conceptual framework for focus group interviews, recruit groups members, schedule group sessions and facilitate focus groups.

Data processing and Data base management

SONA has the capability of processing data using SAS, SPSS, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2UDB. SONA also has the capability of data warehousing. SONA has the expertise to process both primary and secondary data. We can code and recode data, clean and edit data and create and maintain data files or prepare data tapes according to clients’ specifications. We guarantee confidentiality of data and take rigorous steps to ensure data anonymity while processing data.

Data analysis

We can analyze data using statistical packages such as SAS, SPSS, Access or other appropriate packages. We are experienced in statistical modeling and utilizing sophisticated univariate and multivariate statistics to analyze data. For qualitative data, we can use content analysis, quotes to prepare reports or to draw conclusions.