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101 N Haven Street
Suite 301
Baltimore, MD 21224

Tel (301)775-3380
Fax (301)560-5500


SONA Consulting Inc. a client focused professional services firm is dedicated to ensure positive outcomes in the areas health, quality of life and economic standards of people and communities worldwide. We partner with government agencies, private organizations, community based organizations and companies to support them to achieve their goals. SONA brings to clients years of experience to offer novel solutions to clients' needs at competitive rates. SONA Consulting Inc. ,founded in 2003, is 100 percent woman-owned and 8a certified and is located in Silver Spring, MD, in suburban Washington, DC that places the company within minutes of virtually all major Federal agencies, professional organizations, and corporate offices located in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.


SONA’s mission is to develop a long lasting collaborative relationship with our clients nationally and internationally to support them to achieve their goals.  SONA’s corporate values are based on the foundations of service, honesty, Integrity, diversity and professionalism.


SONA offers seasoned, interdisciplinary, professional staff with more than twenty years of experiences that brings valuable and varied expertise and perspectives.


Our success lies in providing high quality services and novel solutions based on accuracy, thoroughness, and timeliness


SONA has over twenty years of experience in program evaluation, data collection, data analysis and data base management . SONA has subject expertise in areas such as substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, and minority populations, gender and has the technical skills to perform tasks such as training and technical assistance, policy and program evaluation, and materials development and dissemination. We are able to provide services from the early planning stages of a project all the way through to the final deliverable.